1. Conventional  Robusta
  • Kampala Domestic Store Ltd (KDS) deal exclusively in green coffee, mainly in Robusta.   Green Beans (FAQ) are purchased directly from either growers or brokers/middlemen and are processed (cleaned and graded) and packaged into 60kg sacks in the Kampala Domestic Store Ltd (KDS)’ plant. The final product is suitable for sale and exportation.
  • The  main  reason  as  to  why  Kampala  Domestic  Store  Ltd  deals  in  mostly  Robusta  coffee,  is  because  of  its location  in  the  Robusta  growing  area.  It  is  also  because  of  the  company’s  strategic  policy  of  a  one  stop  shopping  center  in  Kampala.    We  don’t  follow  the   coffee  but  we  need  the  coffee  to  follow  us. This  has  helped  us to  ensure  quality  and  minimize  risk  on  the  cash transportation,    and  at  the  same  time  minimize  on  the  overhead  costs  incurable  in the  fields.
  • Kampala  Domestic  Store  Ltd  does  offer  Robusta  coffee  in  the  following grades,  screen  1800, screen  1700,   screen  1500,  screen  1400,  screen  1200,  Black Beans,  BHPs.  These  are  given  upon  execution  of  a  contract  and  deliverable  on  the  FOT/R  (Free  on  truck /  rail)  Kampala  strictly
  1. Washed  Robusta
  • Of  recent,  because  of  our  expansion  policy  we  can  provide  Washed  Robusta  in  small  quantities  and  is  sold  by  sample  basis.    So  far  have  sold  2 x 20”  of high  quality  Washed  Robusta. 
  1. Arabica Coffee
  • Being  in  a  predominantly Robusta  area  doesn’t  permanently  restrict  us  from  trading  in  the  Arabicas.  We do offer DRUGAR & WUGAR on several occasions.

Future Products

We intend to increase export of Arabica coffees and wet processed Robusta. Kampala Domestic Stores Ltd (KDS) has taken the first step towards a differentiated product. To further distinguish our coffee, we adhere to higher quality standards. This is seen from our out turn of approximately ninety-five percent of the coffee bought.   In addition, all of our coffee is organic by default.

Coffee Supply Chain

The diagram below shows our coffee supply chain

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