Robusta Naturals

The method of coffee processing takes these steps below.

  1.    Enforcement of selective picking of only red ripe cherries, and extra sorting of the berries in order to have red ripe cherries.
  2.  Subjected to floatation to remove the defective cherries which float and the heavy ones which sink, are the ones taken as the goods ones.

NOTE: Processing of the Floaters and the heavy ones is done separate.

  •  Chsherryerries are then spread dry on raised beds, cemented floor and or Turplains.
  •  Under good weather, cherries can dry for as long as 30 days up to the Moisture content of 13.0% before they can be hulled.
  •  This processing method gives Fair Average Quality (FAQ) after hulling and then graded into exportable grades of Screens 18, Sc 15 and Sc 12.
  • Rejects from this coffee are called Under grades and exported as Broken and Hand Picked (BHPs)
  •  From this method of processing, the result is Arabica natural is exported as Dry Uganda Arabica (DRUGAR).