Washed Robusta Coffee

The method of coffee processing takes these steps below;-

a)    Enforcement of selective picking of only red ripe cherries, and extra sorting of the berries in order to have only red ripe cherries.

b)   Subjected to floatation to remove the defective cherries which float and the heavy ones which sink are the ones taken as the good ones.

NOTE: Processing of the Floaters and the heavy ones is done separate. i.e the floaters  are processed as naturals and the rest of the cherries that sink are processed as washes.

c)    Cherries are then pulped to remove the red/outer skin and expose the mucilage of the coffee.

d)   The wet parchment is then subjected to drying

e)    This processing method gives Fair Average Quality (FAQ). However, it is not graded. In this form, it is ready for export.

Main Production Season

Robusta Coffee ranges;

  • May – Aug for Masaka and Western regions.
  • Nov – Feb for Central, Eastern regions.

Robusta Coffee as the main crop starts September – March, this also depends on the distribution of rainfall. Note that the more rainfall, the better the crop in terms of bean size, appearance and cup.